2. Soo cute… Yo quiero..

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    My Fave Animal : Black Panther

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    sooooo getting this!

  5.  I now realize that I was always after wanderlust however traveling for the last five years on and off has not fully satisfied my appetite.. I just want to be fully free…

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  6. This just made me laugh because my brother and I were just discussing how he was going to do his laundry while in Korea.. lol

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  10. Lol.. Love it…

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  12. The open road...
    In my dream car.....
  13. I feel as if I were Beth March at the moment, left behind to dwell on her illness, while her siblings are out living their lives to the fullest. Except my illness is a 9-5 schedule, and suburbia life, while my sister is int the Navy, my brother is in the Air force, and my youngest brother is about to graduate and embark on his journey. Don’t get me wrong I love my life and I have done my share of traveling and learning about life. I just cant get enough. To top it off, I’m going to miss my siblings terribly..

  14. I am an incerdibly lucky older sister.. I love my siblings…

  15. Love always, big sis…